Interview with Daniel Eriksson, CleanMed Europe 2012 co-organiser and 2018 speaker

Aug 22, 2018

Daniel Eriksson during a parallel session at CleanMed Europe 2016

Daniel Eriksson, Co-Director of TEM, and founder of The Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare (NCSH) has attended several CleanMed Europe conferences and was even part of the organisational team for the 2012 edition in Malmö. We asked him a few questions about his CleanMed Europe experience:

What first attracted you to the CleanMed Europe conference?
I attended my first CleanMed Europe in Vienna (2004), I was working in Malmö University Hospital and it was a great opportunity to meet other people working with sustainability in healthcare.

What would you say to people attending their first CleanMed Europe?
It is a great way to get valuable insights into the modern healthcare sector: its challenges and opportunities. Another benefit of taking part in CleanMed Europe is the possibility to meet hundreds of stakeholders within sustainable healthcare, representatives from hospitals, research institutions, companies, and NGOs from all over the world. CleanMed Europe is a really unique event that you simply can’t miss if you are in any way involved in the sustainable healthcare sector. 

What do you think are the key areas for the future of sustainability in European healthcare?

I think that healthcare needs a holistic view: it is important to look at the total environmental impact and not just focus on specific areas. Healthcare often focuses on relatively small and easy environmental goals and misses the bigger picture - however,  we need to reduce the total as much as possible.

How does CleanMed Europe help address these areas?
By inviting participants from different countries, sectors and specialties - it is important that players other than environmental specialists are involved.

What key players have you met at CleanMed Europe?
NGOs, politicians, healthcare sustainability specialists from hospitals, and company representatives at the forefront of sustainable healthcare.

What were your main aims when organising CleanMed Europe 2012?
To introduce business into the healthcare sustainability discussions, not just as a counterpart, but also as a partner that healthcare facilities need to work with in order to reduce their environmental impacts. Another aim was to showcase Nordic solutions that we considered world leading, and still do to this day.

How has organising CleanMed Europe 2012 helped your work?
On one hand, hosting CleanMed Europe in Malmö gave us access a very broad network of stakeholders in sustainable healthcare both from the Nordic countries and the rest of the world. On the other hand, CleanMed Malmö clearly demonstrated interests and needs of stakeholders - which we could use to build a Nordic platform for sustainable healthcare.

What projects have you worked on as a result of attending CleanMed Europe?
Most projects I have been involved with are a result of meeting people at events like CleanMed Europe – after the 2004 edition in Vienna we carried out a Swedish-Danish EU-project with partners we had met at CleanMed Europe. I think it's important there are opportunities at events like this, for projects and collaborations to be initiated. The Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare, with over 70 members from the Nordics, was launched in 2015 and was a result of the interest in the Nordic sustainable healthcare generated by many events: including CleanMed in Malmö (2012).


Meet Daniel and learn more about NCSH at CleanMed Europe 2018 in parallel session B5 - The Nordic model for greener healthcare.



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