Welcome message from Radboud university medical center

Oct 4, 2018

We look forward to welcoming you to the Radboud university medical center in Nijmegen next week. We are honoured, proud, and excited to host CleanMed 2018 and we look forward to exchanging stories and best practices with all of you.

It is no coincidence that CleanMed Europe is hosted in Nijmegen this year – discussions first began at CleanMed Europe 2016 when Nijmegen had just been elected the European Green Capital for 2018. The city of Nijmegen have worked long and hard to achieve this prestigious title - working together with the local community and many organisations, (including ourselves and the Radboud University), to make the city more sustainable and future proof. A great example is the ‘Room for the River Waal’ project, which reduces the risk of flooding induced by climate change (learn more in the pre-conference event). It was clear that CleanMed Europe is a conference that aligns with Nijmegen’s sustainability goals and would complement the Green Capital’s activities in 2018. Please engage with local thought leaders and experts during the conference and you will soon see why Nijmegen earned the European Green Capital title

We are also thrilled that the Dutch Ministry of Health has selected CleanMed Europe to launch their new Green Deal for Healthcare with over 100 healthcare organisations and coalition partners. The aim of the Green Deal is to reduce the carbon footprint of the health sector, keep our waters clean from chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and implement innovative solutions through circular business models. It is with great honour that we will welcome the Minister of Medical Care Bruno Bruins to present the green Deal to the CleanMed Europe audience of sustainable healthcare leaders

At the Radboud university medical center our daily mission is to provide sustainable, innovative, and affordable healthcare for generations to come. Our aim is to be recognised as the most person-oriented and innovative university medical center and leaders in patient care, research, and education. We believe that we can have a significant impact on healthcare, and during CleanMed Europe we will present examples of how we translate this strategy into action such as our circular hospital uniforms, the international research program Medicines Unwanted in Water (MEDUWA), the Green OR, and our commitment to 100% renewable energy - recently announced at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco.

We firmly believe in the inseparable and intrinsic relationship between a healthy planet and human health – a belief that we share with Health Care Without Harm Europe. To strengthen and further promote this relationship we need strong leadership for sustainable healthcare systems, but leadership is only worth something if there are people willing to follow. Let this be our shared purpose and goal during CleanMed Europe 2018 and beyond, to build upon the stories we will share, the networks we will create, and to grow this movement of sustainable healthcare and enable new followers to become leaders. We are ready.

Prof. Paul A.B.M. Smits, MD, PhD.
Dean and Vice-Chair of the Executive Board - Radboudumc

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