D3 | Green and healthy and on the move

Presentation: Green, Healthy and On the move: A initiative of the Radboudumc, the municipality Nijmegen and the GGD


Dr. Gerard Molleman, Manager Healthy Living - GGD

Gerard Molleman (PhD) is the research manager of the Academic Collaborative Centre AMPHI at de department of Primary and Community care of the Radboud University Medical Center. His research focuses on health promotion and the connection between public health and primary care.
He is also director of the department of Healthy Living of the Municipal Health Service (GGD) Gelderland Zuid in Nijmegen. His core interests are health promotion, epidemiology, health policy, quality, and effect management (Preffi 2.0). Previously he was director of the Centre for Knowledge and Quality at the Netherlands Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (NIGZ) and involved in several European projects on quality management and effectiveness.
He is member of the steering group of “Nijmegen Green, Healthy and in Movement”, a 10 year collaboration between the municipal health service, municipality and the Radboudumc.

Marja Jillissen, Senior Advisor Person - Centred Care - Radboudumc

Marja Jillissen is a senior advisor Person-centred care and (team) coach at the internal advisory group Process improvement and Implementation (PVI). She knows the hospital world from the inside by years of experience in different, complementary roles, such as nurse, supervisor of the Department of Pediatric Oncology, change expert, trainer and coach.
In her current work she supervises changes throughout the organisation of the Radboud university medical center to improve person-centred care.
Her role in the movement "Nijmegen Green, Healthy and On the move" was investigating the extent of attention of lifestyle in the doctor's offices through interviews.

All speakers are members of the project team Green, Healthy and On the move.


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