D4 - MEDicines Unwanted in Water (MEDUWA) (Introduction & pharmaceutical emissions from hospitals)

Presentation: The EU INTERREG-VA MEDUWA Project

Speaker: Alfons Uijtewaal, Director - Stichting Huize Aarde

Alfons Uijtewaal academic background is Biology and Health Education. Alfons presents this EU-project as its initiator and Co-Manager. Civil Society Organisation Huize Aarde is founded in 1992 with the aim to collaborate to action points of the UN Agenda 21 for Sustainable Development. After a request of a pharmacist of a collaborating hospital, from 2003 Huize Aarde has been focussing on the environmental cycle of pharmaceuticals and multi-resistant bacteria.


Presentation: Estimation and prioritization of pharmaceutical emissions from hospitals

Speaker: Ad Ragas, Associate Professor - Radboud University

Ad Ragas (1964) studied Biology and obtained his PhD at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. He currently holds a position as a full Professor in Environmental Natural Sciences at the Open University in Heerlen, The Netherlands, and as an Associate Professor in Nijmegen. His main expertise is the modelling of human and ecological risks of chemicals, including (micro)plastics. He actively participates in several large research projects on pharmaceuticals and contaminants of emerging concern, i.e. i-PiE, MEDUWA and SUSPECt. 


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