E3 | Circular economy and the sustainable procurement of clothing and materials for healthcare

Presentation: Roadmap to sustainable hospital uniforms


Sacha Tensen, Environmental Specialist - UMC Utrecht

Sacha Tensen (UMC Utrecht) works as an Environmental Expert at the UMC Utrecht. Sacha has over 15 years of experience helping organisations to reduce their environmental impact and becoming more sustainable. In the UMC Utrecht Sacha coordinates the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and acts as an advisor in projects and tender with a potential environmental impact. She is involved in the tender of Hospital Uniforms as an advisor, was part of the Evaluation Committee and is now a participant in the Sustainability Working Group.

Jeroen Blokhuizen, Sales/Market Manager - Dickies

Jeroen Blokhuizen works as a Sales/Market Manager Healthcare & Laundries at Dickies, the biggest manufacturer of workwear in the world. He is experienced in custom made solutions in Healthcare clothing, communicating to all levels within the total supply chain.  


Presentation: Hospital beds & mattresses as a service


Maarten Timmermann, Strategic Buyer - Erasmus MC

Maarten Timmermann works as Strategic Buyer since 2012. Maarten has a background in Business Studies and Consultancy. He is mainly involved with future oriented projects that match nicely with his own way of thinking and believes on cooperation between public and private and making use of technology. Maarten believes the health sector can and should do much more and way faster when it comes to making a lasting and positive impact. He started working at Erasmus MC because of Erasmus MC was active in innovation procurement.

Eva de Boer, Project Manager - Erasmus MC

Eva de Boer has been an independent business consultant in Health care for over 13 years. With a background in Facility Management and Procurement she was involved in several different projects within Erasmus MC and other healthcare organizations. Key aspect in all strategic and complex projects is working together effectively with all kinds of disciplines in order to make use of all knowledge and experience already available within an organization. She believes that a base of solid project management with a focus on problem solving together with great enthusiasm and perseverance all difficulties can be overcome. Thinking out of the box is key when you really want to make an impact.


Presentation: Circular economy in practice: the case of sustainable clothing

Speaker: Alex van der Putten, Head Purchasing and Supply Chain Management - Radboudumc

Alex van der Putten works as Head Procurement and Supply Chain for Radboudumc since 2012. Radboudumc aims to be a pioneer in shaping a sustainable, innovative and affordable health care system for generations to come. In this role, Alex has been involved in various sustainability projects. Alex is convinced that a sustainable healthcare starts with sustainable procurement and supply chain. Raising the Bar and Capture Opportunities are in his opinion crucial matters to make a significant next step.


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