E4 | MEDicines Unwanted in Water (MEDUWA) (Plasma water treatment for pharmaceuticals)

Presentation: Plasma water treatment

Speaker: Paul Leenders, Director - VitalFluid B.V.

Paul Leenders has studied Analytical Chemistry and Business Administration. He is Director and Founder of VitalFluid BV, a company specialized on Plasma Activated Water. Paul was Initiator and Secretary of Development Projects on plasma technology in cooperation with the Radboudumc, Eindhoven University of Technology and the Wageningen University. He also worked in several space and aerospace projects with a focus on air filtration. Paul presented a TEDx talk on 17 September 2015 on plasma activated water and his talk was internationally discussed on ideas.ted.com.


Presentation: The use of plasma activated water and UV/H2O2 for the degradation of cyclophosphamide in wastewater

Speaker: Martien Graumans,  PhD-Candidate - Radboudumc

Martien Graumans is a PhD Candidate at the Department for Health Evidence, with a background in Forensic Science, Toxicology and Environmental Health. Martien is motivated to perform interdisciplinary research by resolving difficult scientific questions using chemical and biological techniques, and therefore he would like to contribute within the CleanMed Europe 2018. 


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