Plenary 2 - Safer pharma: Partnerships for cleaner water, healthier products and innovative solutions

Pharmaceuticals provide many benefits to human and veterinary health, their production, use, and disposal, however, present a threat to ecosystems worldwide. Pharmaceuticals in the environment are now a global problem – more than 600 pharmaceuticals and their metabolites have been found in the environment worldwide. They enter the environment (through water, soil, sludge, and organisms) at all stages of their life cycle and can end up in drinking water, and accumulate in fish, vegetables, and livestock.

Even though the traces of pharmaceuticals in the environment are often well below therapeutic doses, they can still have effects on unintended targets. Animals and other organisms that are exposed to pharmaceuticals in water, soil, or even by feeding on medicated animals can experience behavioural, physiological, and histological effects. Antibiotics in the environment can also promote the development of antibiotic-resistant pathogens.

With an expected increase in medicine consumption in Europe due to a higher demand from ageing populations and a general growing dependence on pharmaceutical drugs, pharmaceuticals are a priority area from an environmental health perspective.

In this plenary session, pharmaceuticals in the environment will be covered from national and international perspectives, and innovative solutions put forward and discussed.


Nicolai Schaff, Programme Manager, Stockholm International Water Institute, SIWI (Sweden)


Nicolai Schaaf, Programme Manager with the Stockholm International Water Institute, (SIWI) (Sweden), is responsible for SIWI’s work on water and pharmaceuticals, leading projects and stakeholder dialogue focusing on sustainable supply chains and procurement of pharmaceuticals, especially in the context of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. Nicolai will speak about linking supply chains, procurement and regulation for sustainable production of pharmaceuticals, and a governance approach for mutually supportive solutions.



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