Europe’s leading conference on sustainable healthcare brings together healthcare leaders and champions of sustainability from across the region and beyond to share ideas, innovations, challenges, and solutions for sustainability in European healthcare.

The conference showcases cutting-edge practices in sustainable healthcare and is the ideal venue for healthcare innovators to network and share ideas, finding new ways to drive change within their organisations and communities. Learn more below.

The virtual conference will be made up of informative presentations and workshops, as well as plenty of exciting opportunities for networking and engagement.

CleanMed Europe 2023

Changing the climate of healthcare

Building on the growing momentum of the COP26 Health Programme, this year’s conference will bring a special focus on the role of the healthcare sector in delivering net zero emissions in Europe.

The need for action on climate change has never been more urgent. The healthcare sector has a clear opportunity to address its own contribution to climate change and the impact of climate change on public health. The time for action is now – reducing the sector’s own emissions to net zero and changing how we deliver care is not only possible, it is imperative. 

As well as preparing ourselves for the growing threats that climate change presents, the conference will showcase the interlinkages between climate challenges and other public health issues such as AMR and toxic chemicals all of which are vital we tackle now if we are to change the climate of healthcare.

CleanMed Europe 2023 is uniquely positioned to bring together minds and ideas from different stakeholders across the continent to transform the sector and change the climate of healthcare. Register today.

“Thank you all so much for enabling this virtual conference. It has been inspiring listening to all the wonderful initiatives already implemented and getting the opportunity to network with others across Europe.”

CleanMed Europe 2020 attendee

We therefore invite participants to rally together under this theme and share experiences of the challenges they face and successful changes they have made within their organisations. Together we can build an action plan to transform healthcare across Europe so that it becomes a leader in climate action.

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CleanMed 2023 Conference brochure

Virtual host

CleanMed Europe 2023 will be a virtual event and we are excited to work with our virtual host partner Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

This collaboration allows us to engage closer with healthcare professionals and sustainability leaders from Germany and explore ideas, challenges, and solutions from local organisations that spark action and act as inspiration.

Please note that all sessions at the conference will be virtual, with some sessions coming live from Berlin. All attendees will join the conference online via the virtual conference platform.

We are proud to work closely with local support partners: