Collaborating to achieve healthcare circularity – workshop reflections

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Our current linear economic model – in which economic growth is dependent on the endless extraction and use, or misuse, of natural resources – is pushing our planet to the edge.

In this session, we brainstormed on what approaches can be taken to drive stakeholders across the value chain to collaborate on circular activities. Participants shared examples of best practices as inspiration and discussed ideas on how healthcare partners can embed Circular Economy principles in their daily operations.

The output of the workshop aimed to be pragmatic with short-term ways to support stakeholders across health systems to accelerate the transformations towards a circular healthcare economy.

To conclude the workshop, four main categories of collaborative actions were identified to engage all actors in the transition towards circular healthcare:

  • Raising awareness on circular economy
  • Creating circularity guidelines (incl. standardized definitions such as eco-labels and procurement etc.)
  • Building circular business cases
  • Identifying innovation gaps

Driving the transformation of a circular healthcare economy in Europe requires a collaborative approach to address actions like these now. We don’t know how big the task really is. We do know that we need to bring concrete solutions to problems and that we need to do so with urgency – one small step at the time – to drive change and create a positive environmental impact on all levels. We are inviting you to join us on our journey. Let us step up and shape the path while walking it.

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