Pharmafilter System Is An Innovative Proven Technology

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Peter Kelly, International Commercial Director – Pharmafilter

Just as Alexander Fleming predicted in the middle of the last century, the declining effectiveness of antibiotics in treating common illness because of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is now an increasing concern and a major threat to global health.

Globally, healthcare is significantly challenged by rising antibiotic resistance and hospital acquired infection. In deploying the Pharmafilter system, hospitals are removing the input of pharmaceuticals, including antibiotics, to the environment via hospital waste water-as a critical point in antibiotic stewardship. In addition, essential support services are automated, benefitting hygiene and patient and staff safety.

From waste management and water use to the near zero carbon targets, hospitals are operating under increasing environmental regulation at a time when demand for care is growing. Hospitals are required and expected to treat and care for patients while also contributing to a healthy society and sustainable environment. The decentralised Pharmafilter approach of combined hospital waste and waste water treatment onsite has proven environmental benefits while improving patient care.

Pharmafilter represents a change in the way we work, positively enhancing the work environment as well as patient and staff safety. It is an environmentally friendly way of dealing with complex waste, sewage, and wastewater streams emanating from hospitals, including clinical waste and other pharmaceuticals and drug disposal.

Pharmafilter A Cleaner Hospital, A Cleaner Environment

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Pharmafilter is a thoroughly integrated onsite waste and waste water management system that at every interface delivers a significant improvement in the handling, removal, and treatment of waste and waste water streams arising in hospitals.

Currently waste in hospitals is separated into various categories, transported through the hospital and stored in advance of transport off site for pre-treatment and/or disposal. This activity requires significant staffing hours, physical infrastructure, and recording (sorting rooms, internal and external storage, lifts etc.) The Pharmafilter system greatly simplifies the methods by which waste is handled providing an environmentally friendly end of life for waste materials.

Pharmafilter wastewater treatment capability removes all micro pollutants, pharmaceutical and biological, to below the detectable limit allowing for the decontaminated water to be made available for reuse. The removal of these contaminants at source is far more desirable than decontamination at existing municipal facilities where the associated costs would be prohibitive. The system delivers a complete solution for hospital effluent before discharge to public sewer.

Pharmafilter business model provides an entirely financed Pharmafilter System to Hospital clients. The company offers turnkey, CapEx or “As a Service” options. The “As a Service” package encompasses construction, operation, permitting and finance, enabling efficient allocation of project resources for client hospitals.

Current events demonstrate what a global pandemic can do to our society and the environment. Although expert opinion had warned of the potential threat of a global pandemic Sars-Cov-2, has largely taken the world by surprise, both in its rapid spread, the societal damage and human suffering that it has wrought will have long-lasting consequences for healthcare around the world. Nevertheless, antimicrobial resistance could very well be the next global pandemic!

The technical economic and operational ability to eradicate antimicrobial resistant pathogens and pharmaceutical residues from hospital wastewater at source exists! Pharmafilter is at the forefront of this emerging approach. Pharmafilter is playing a significant role in the fight against this growing crisis and for the delivery of quality healthcare globally.

Pharmafilter has offices in The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Poland, and USA. 

Contact: Peter Kelly International Commercial Director 

M +353 86 8276649  

M + 31 6 21 52 33 33 

P +44 203 869 1672

Pharmafilter A Cleaner Hospital, A Cleaner Environment

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